[thelist] Video and Mobile Devices

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Jan 9 09:44:34 CST 2012

Thanks Martin and Anthony,

I visited thw wowza forums, did a bit of putzing around, found a few ffmpeg postings, but nothing really conclusive.  I'm also doing some googling to find reasonable options.  It would be useful if someone posted a page with the command and common/useful options. I do't care which program so long as it works.

Handbrake - this is looking decent.  I got the command-line interface installed on my Linux PC.  The GUI errored out with some missing dependencies which is just as well.  Some searching around got me to this option:

% HandBrakeCLI -Z Universal -i $in.flv -o $out.mp4
% HandBrakeCLI -Z Universal -i $in.mov -o $out.mp4

The flash .flv worked swell!  The .mov file I tested was huge.  My iPod found it, but when clicked it seemed to hang in limbo downloading data.  Maybe just some more testing and learning parameters, throttling, etc.  I'm sure that I could set up a php form on the server to convert uploaded videos.

If my clients want to do this themselves they can probably download the MAC/Windows GUI.

Thanks again.

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