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Using a service like YouTube is definitely easier... they take care of all
the format issues that come up with video.

Enabling video for iOS devices is a chore. The easiest way to embed video
for these devices is to use HTML 5. But since you also probably want to
support current web browsers, you have to do a few tricks. First you have to
have two formats of the video ready to be served... Ogg and H.264. If I
remember right, it's Safari and Internet Explorer that support H.264 and
Firefox/Chrome that support Ogg.  Then the code gets a little messy.

Here is a tutorial I googled that I skimmed and looks like it has what you

You might also look into Kaltura... it's open source video player and I
believe they have a free option. It will give you a little more flexibility
than youtube.


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Unless you have a streaming server the MOV file needs to download first
before it plays. The FlowPlayer, I believe, can fake that.

What I've been recommending to clients is that they host with YouTube and
embed that stream on their sites (unless they are doing live streaming).

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