[thelist] Knowledge base/Wiki/Shared Docs: Recommendations?

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
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I'm a fan of wikis and have used them a lot in the past. 

A while ago I wrote a short article for evolt of my experience of wikis in a
corporate environment that may offer a few insights to corporate-use wikis -

My view - try one - cheap, easy, but maybe not pretty.



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>>I have the task of creating a system for managing information at my
>>company. These would range from procedures (what and how do departments
>>to) to background knowledge (what is the CMYK for rich black) to a news
>>mailing (think of the tips digest). Basically, our company needs to
>>start creating an accessible "memory bank". I'd love it if there were a
>>strongly tag based approach as well as hierarchical.
>>The criteria is that it must be free or cheap and super easy to use and
>>relatively pretty. If it's not pretty and easy to use, people won't get
>>into the habit of using it.
>>I'm considering a wiki, but I'm not 100% sure if that would be easy to
>>use for luddites.
>>What kind of recommendations would you guys make?
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