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Renoir B. renoirb at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 14:52:42 CST 2012

Hello Dan

I would suggest you do the current exercise... it is roughly what we do to
make an estimate:

It is a 6 step process.

We, generally take at least a day or two only to answer this question.

1.*  List types or rights*  (I refer it here as "contexts")
i.e.:  anonymous user, account holder (basic usage),  account administrator
(can manage many account holders),  application administrator...

2. * List types of things you want to do with it *(I refer it here as
i.e.:  user profile,  user preferences,  search within users, search within
posts, user posts...

3. *Separate possible actions for each types of rights*
i.e:  anonymous
can view user posts
can register

4. *Do not forget those "it should be included"* such as:
- lost password
- reactivate account
- delete account (or disactivate)

5.* State WHERE you want your site to be used* from/onto
1. Only web... EVER. And I don't care about mobile/tablet users. (aka. How
we were doing sites a few years ago... or aka.  Before the "*responsive
2. Web with possibility of a native mobile application OR a
("Windows"/Linux) Desktop application (would require a webservice/RESTful
interface to scale)

6. Spread numbers
Here are very usefull columns:   Database schema,  Functionality
architecture,  Unit testing,   Service class,  Functionnal testing,
 Deployment testing,  Client approbation,  Project management

-  On each columns of step 6, you can adjust by hours and most of it can be
used the first time it is mentionned
-  Each step is crucial
-  You have three choices in application development if you are not
developing it: You pick two:  Good,  Fast,  Quality.

*My observations/experience:*
- Quality software is hard to be done cheap.
- Better see it as a prioritization and develop by phases and budget
- If it's to re-create something existing... what will be
YOUR differentiation factor?

*Renoir B*
Evocatio Solutions technologiques <http://evocatio.com/> //

Evocatio is pround member of l'APELL <http://apell-quebec.ca/> and

2012/2/5 Dan Parry <dan at shaded.plus.com>

> Hi guys
> I was just wondering how much a piece of custom software like Mazuma or
> Envirofone would cost. You know, as an estimate. Also how big do you reckon
> the team that built/maintains it might be?
> I'm sorry if seems like a daft question but I do have good reasons for
> asking
> Thanks guys!
> Dan
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