[thelist] backups / disk space

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Mar 5 11:55:00 CST 2012

This may sound silly, but...

I have a reseller VPS account with a diskspace limit, no surprise.  I am generally happy with the service and hosting, aside from the space limitations.  Currently at 59GB cost is $69.95/mo.  Upping this to 80GB will run another $25 or so.

They do once a week backups and due to costs overwrite the previous, so you don't have much history if you have to go back beyond a week.  I run some auxiliary backups, need to monitor things pretty closely to avoid encroaching on the limits.

Curiously, if you were to go with the providers' shared hosting you can get a really inexpensive package with unlimited disk space.  I'm thinking out loud about the possibility of signing up for a cheap unlimited plan and doing nothing more than using it to archive filesystem backup zip files.  So, the questions:

Is this ethical or borderline ethical?

Is there any way to set up an automated job that FTPs a dump file from the VPS to shared account to a specific folder?

Yes I know .....


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