[thelist] Events calendar

Mister Travel mister.travel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 13:16:35 CDT 2012


At 08:43 2012-03-20, you wrote:
>A google calendar provides - Rss feed - Rss add to cal links - Shows 
>calendar embedded

I already check Google calendar and I don't find anyway to easyly 
implement in website.

I have to give another look, more in depth.

>Otherwise. I'ts a webapp. A solution I found as a WordPress plugin 
>called. Uhm. Look at  http://devlabmtl.org/ the event calendar in 
>the sidebar is made by that plugin that i dont recall the name. It 
>is specialized for shows and bands and gives details on the price of 
>the event. If you dont want to program - EventEspresso a wordpress 
>plugin much cleaner (friends of mine used it) -

This plugin is good for the event organizer. I'm looking for a more 
promoter side plugin.

>Meetup. I use that for devlabmtl.org instead Hope this helps

Same for Meetup. Good fo self organizer.

Thank for hints.

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