[thelist] CF: Getting a subdomain on a wildcarded domain

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Thu Apr 5 19:02:18 CDT 2012

Hey All,

I've got this really annoying issue. I cannot do vhost subdomains on a 
server, but I can do dns wildcards.

This means that I can get city1.domain.com, city2.domain.com, etc., but 
cgi.server_name will always return www.domain.com

Now, my url bar will still display city1.domain.com.

I had written a lovely, ingenious little piece of code to ferret out the 
subdomain and serve different content based on the subdomain, but real 
life has stymied me.

Can you think of a way that I can get the value of the wildcard used so 
that I can run it though my statements?


Frank Marion
Keep the signal high

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