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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
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+1 on Responsive Design and Mobile First - they helped me enormously

Also if you are Wordpress developer - look at Bones theme - it  has HTML 5 boilerplate, aspects of 320andup, an 1140 grid built-in, uses LESS to compile the CSS and comes with some useful mixins - it's barebones, and good for making your own basic theme flavour - http://themble.com/bones/

won't help you with paypal tho  :(


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As I see it for the PayPal page. Its definately not a mobile friendly version.

As I looked at your site I realized something that you may not be aware.

Nowadays there is a new trend to do a "mobile friendly" version that fills the need of these problems:
- Supporting a numerous list of hardware/browser/os mobile platforms
- Creating different HTML/CSS

We had enough of this with IE/Mozilla. didn't we?

A better approach has been coined by a guy called Ethan Marcotte and it's called "Responsive design".  

As an example you can see some sites and libraries using predefined patterns that gives an already solid base doing this.

I actually did this for a few sites

My recommendation:
- Have a look on the books from A List Apart: Responsive Design,  and an other one called "Mobile first"
- Have a look on Twitter Bootstrap. It's the best imementation I found (there is also Skeleton, and Foundation libraries that fills)
- Look at Media Queries in the w3 specification. Its the cornersone of all this


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