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Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
Sun Apr 15 09:49:08 CDT 2012

Wanted to add... 

Checked this on my wife's Windows Phone 7 phone, and also got a non mobile
PayPal page. So you can add IE (whatever version) mobile to the list. 

Rob Lee

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Not be PayPal affluent I did not realize that the FAQ I cited was particular
to PayPal Express Checkout.  However, that being said, it really seemed to
me (also Greg) that PayPal should be mobile-friendly this day and age so I
submitted a support request with PayPal and got this reply:

/-->>    If you made a "Buy Now" button any time after November 2011, it is
automatically programmed to recognize if you are on a mobile device and
should take you to a mobile site. If you find this isn't the case, please
supply a brief explanation with URL  and a screenshot to the "Contact
Technical Support" link on www.paypal.com/mts <http://www.paypal.com/mts> .

/That's more encouraging, but not what I'm seeing. I ran some, way to many,
tests both in Joomla and plain HTML.  Here's a test page:

When I visit this page or the plain HTML version with my iPod I'm not
getting a mobile-friendly paypal.  I see exactly the same page as on my
desktop pc, just tiny proportion.

Could I get a few folks on the list with various devices visit the test page
and reply with what you are seeing and the mobile device type?

Thx, Bob


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