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Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 11:31:04 CDT 2012

That's the point with Responsive design.

- One code base html css adapt that fits all, then adjust on cases using the @media query.
- No need to redirect, same view/content/url (good for seo)
- Lots of other things

If you do the integration with consideration of:
- Using properly the box model (floats with parent having the overflow hidden (aka "clearfix", but done right), not setting height, etc)
- Using same patterns for same Visual element, adding on the parent its variation
- Use polyfills to do an element right withou javascript, the add the features in javascript and if feature doesnt exist, load on demand the polyfill (see modernizr)

Web has changed a lot in the last years. If you are still using joomla and or things that did not change within the last 2 years. You are late.



About automatic code gemeration. If it feels crappy. Joomla is the best crappy code generator I know. After comes randomly mixed Wordpress plugins and themes.

You cannot escape, yet, quality site without masterine a good platform and well written html/css.

For your Joomla issue. I dont know. I create my html css by hand and do not use Joomla! at all. I even would say to you to stop using Joomla!


Renoir Boulanger

(envoyé de mon téléphone)

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