[thelist] Symbiotic interaction - Wordpress & Joomla

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Apr 29 04:18:22 CDT 2012

Symbiotic interaction - or whatever you would call this.

An organization employs Website A, a Wordpress site, for their group. My client's site is Joomla CMS of which I'm quite familiar.

The request - the website A group would like to have posts of some category posted on their to post in a specific social component location on my client's site. Given access to the WP site I'm sure I could figure out how to write a query against WP and a corresponding query on our site, or perhaps with the help of their developer.

Brainstorming here - is there a simpler solution readily available?  Some type of feed that could be created, etc?


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