[thelist] Symbiotic interaction - Wordpress & Joomla

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Apr 29 20:27:11 CDT 2012

Martin asks, Quick question: are both Website A and your client OK with this?  Answer: Presumably, My client has had discussions with the Website A folks.

Hassan/Joel:  Yup. WP can even create a custom RSS feed containing only the posts desired. Spew 'em and read 'em.

Me - I would need to contact website A developer and ask him/her to create the feed.  Okay, then on my end I will need to create some sort of function to read these 'posts' and then a php/mysql script to import them into the correct table in my client's social application. Something like an API?

Joomla does come with feed readers but they're not built to push the data to a specific location. I'd imagine this will take a custom-built function.

SEO-wise, this may be immaterial but it sounds like duplicate content so will not add value in that respect.

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