[thelist] Magento for eCommerce

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu May 24 05:37:33 CDT 2012


Do we have anyone on the list with Magento experience who can offer yeahs or neahs? We're now considering Magento rather than Joomla for the eCommerce project I'm navigating because the simple PayPal buttons fail for Mobile and Google Checkout doesn't meet the vision. None of the eCommerce components I investigated for use within Joomla are mobile-friendly at this time, so we're moving on.

Magento offers a Community Edition as their open source-ish version. It appears to have the features we think are needed. The Enterprise editions are rather costly. You can get themes from  several theme shops.  The newest version is 1.7+, but most of the themes available at this time are for 1.6+.  If you have the experience, is that a problem?

We also spent a few cycles with Zen-Cart. The functionality is great but the look/feel even with custom themes doesn't match Magento for what my client wants. Thoughts?

Thx, Bob

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