[thelist] Trying to find templating engine library of markup generating schema.org/RDFa content

shackit3 shackit3 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 07:47:42 CDT 2012

>It's roughly a library of templating engine macros and blocks to send
>collections of data (similar to a JSON format) and it builds the HTML
>favouring HTML+RDFa with abstraction of the CSS schema for implementation
>using this "framework of things".

>My question is mostly if any of you guys had been aware of already made
>such libraries.

I just wanted to inform of a similar project: that there is something called
Second Crack, it takes Markdown-formatted text files as input,
and outputs a blog.


Also here's a tiny php template engine:
I am sure you would have found many other 'php template engines'
like 'Smarty'. (seems popular)


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