[thelist] using z-index so flash gives up focus in ie

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Mon Jul 16 11:27:39 CDT 2012

Try websearch term "WMODE". That's how browser makers set up whether embedded content draws direct-to-screen or whether they pipe their content into the browser's render buffer. Z-Index came later, and implementations of all these initiatives have definitely varied.


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I have a very simple page with a navigation menu and a flash movie and I
want the drop down menu to appear over the movie.

Simply giving the movie container a lower z-index than the nav works in
Firefox but doesn't work in IE9.

I've tried applying focus and blur on the movie container and the menu but
it doesn't work (I suspect the containers don't qualify for blur and focus).

I know an 'a' will accept focus but that looks like a very complicated way
of finding a solution.

Does anyone know why IE doesn't apply the z-index properly?

The page is at http://escendency.com/video (videos can be chosen from the


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