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Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
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DNS is configuration made in files. Format seema cryptic but its very straight to the point.

The best way to copy paste configuration from one panel to the other is to actually get the raw zone file content.  I mean find in the pannel /where/ you can read in the curremt and to write in the new pannel.

Otherwise. You have to move manually.

Important entries :

(aka. the real meat that matters most)

The A, and CNAME entries.

CNAME is an alias to a A


domainname.com. IN A
www IN CNAME domainname.com.
other.domainname.com. IN A


1. Both names www.domainname.com and domainname.com in the address bar wil get same IP but you only have to change the A entry
2. Domain entry always end with a dot. Otherwise (like the case of the "www entry) it gets terminated by the zone name (the SOA (Start Of Authority) declaration) not shown.

Most important is also the MX and NS entries.  MX is the mail servers and NS the other new DNS servers. Just make sure it follows through :)

You can create DNS zone anywhere to test and use "dig" or nslookup to test if entries are the same. But as long as you do not change the NDS server entries in your registrar, they will not be taken into account.

Its BOTH the registrar declaring the nameservers AND the nameservers declaring its peers that makes the autority over which IP address to give on name queries.

Hope this helps clarify

Renoir Boulanger

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Em 2012-08-01, às 6:46, Meredith Tupper <meredith at pintsize.com> escreveu:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to copy DNS settings from a cPanel account over to Network Solutions, and the interfaces don't match well so I'm worried about messing up the DNS.  If ay DNS wizards have a few minutes to spare, I'd gladly pay for wise assistance in correctly completing these changes.
> Thanks,
> Meredith
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