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Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 17:40:04 CDT 2012

Yes this exists.

And I'm surprised nobody mentionned the current trend about this.

Short answer: Have a look at Modernizr and most notably it's Modernizr.load() method.  Validating if tere is canvas support in the browser for example. It takes care of loading js libraries that fills gap. We call that a "Polyfill".


Have a look on the html5boilerplate comments and it's author Paul Irish work. 

He did very instructive and accessible tutorials on "what I learned while reading jQuery source" to cite only this one among his boilerplate talks.

Your most specific question about loading on conditions is a perogative in the realm of using HTML5 nowadays to do what we call "progressive enhancement".  

Hope I said some buzzwords that will help you in your search about the new best practices.

Have a look on my http://delicious.com/inexisdotnet/html5+very-usefull feed

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