[thelist] Site Review Request

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sun Aug 12 21:58:44 CDT 2012

Hi Ron,

On 8/3/2012 1:52 PM, Luther, Ron wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Got a good friend looking to drop out the rat race to pursue her own career in photography.  She is finally at a point where she is looking for feedback and suggestions to improve her website.
> I will be sure to pass along any good ideas.
> The site is here:
> http://ashcroftphotoart.com/
> Big Thanks!
> RonL.

I think the site is close to perfect, and her photography skills make 
the website irrelevant.  The html could be filled with 1996-style blink 
tags and animated under-construction gifs and I'd still want her to come 
spend a day with my family and take pictures of us with our kids.

Course, we're in Pennsylvania so this part:

   For areas greater than 15 miles of Lakeway, TX,
   please add $30 for each additional 15 miles

means she'd charge us an extra $3,400 "to account for travel time" :-)

But seriously, the pictures are so good, and the web so world-wide, my 
suggestion is to add some language there on that "your investment" page 
to indicate that she would also nonchalantly travel to Fiji if that was 
the "somewhere unique that speaks to your family lifestyle".   She'd 
just need to quote her per-diem rate and specify that her expenses 
(transportation, accommodations, food, and some etceteras) are to be 
paid by the client ...and way in advance!

You never know, right?  IMO she's definitely that good.  Austin isn't 
the only place where kids grow up too fast!  Rich people in Dubai have 
cute kids too... :-)


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