[thelist] is there a service for testing various internet/broadband speeds?

Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
Tue Aug 21 09:24:43 CDT 2012

http://www.webpagetest.org/ has an advanced settings box below the browser
selection where you can specify different connection speeds. 


Rob Lee

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I have broadband internet, but relatively slow by today's standards, 1.5
Mbps.  Is there a service where you can test a site/page over some of the
faster speeds, say 3Mbps, 5 Mbsp or 15 Mbps. Without upgrading (and I could
actually upgrade for less money, don't want to upgrade) I would like to get
a feel for what the other guy sees.

Or if not a service is there a chart that might make for a guesstimate
taking into account common factors that would impact page delivery speed?
Meaning that this is not simple math and doubling the connection speed will
not half the load speed.  A news site that loads now in 30 seconds will not
load in 15 seconds on a 3Mbps connection.  Maybe expect 20-25, I don't know.
Make sense?



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