[thelist] One website for an author or separate website for a book?

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I see it as a branding exercise. In the same way that a film studio will
have separate sites for separate films (not exactly the same but bear with

The main reason for this is the marketing and branding. A separate site can
be designed to fit into the "mood" and context of the book. I think that
this makes sense if it is part of a larger marketing strategy.

If it's not part of a larger marketing strategy then it makes more sense to
have the author's website with the book in there or maybe a use a subdomain.

In this particular case, the site doesn't seem to be particular geared
towards the author or book - it seems, in my opinion, to be geared to
towards a concept (in this case the afterlife from a scientific point of
view). If I had to approach it, one of the ideas I would consider (but not
necessarily go with) is to fill the site with scientific titbits about death
and the afterlife and to design it to reinforce the concept.

My final thought, though not directly related to this case, is that if an
author writes books with significantly different themes and belonging to
different genres then a separate site for each book would be well worth it.

Hope something here gives you food for thought.


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Hi All,

I am working on a website for an author, lifebeyonddeath.net, his book will
be published in the fall. Someone suggested to him that the book should have
a website. I disagree with that. What happens when he writes more books? He
has a separate site for each book? That would certainly mean some duplicate
content that the search engines would see, as well as just being too spread
out. Most authors have one site for all the books they have written.

This site is getting 300-400 hits per day, so why make people find a new

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?






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