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AG rovision at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 15:13:31 CDT 2012

This is usually referred to as "infinite scrolling". A search would bring you multiple resources, jQuery or other. You will probably find multiple jQuery ready made scripts that with minimum editing would work for you.


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>Subject: [thelist] refreshing content like twitter
>I've got some content bits that folks will be regularly adding comments and such to, very similar to how Twitter works. Registered member adds a comment. The comment is dynamically posted to the page along, it shows at the top of the list, and other comments scroll down until it reaches a limit.
>I dabble little enough with AJAX to know how to update a <div>.  I did a number of searches and found some 'periodic' update scripts, but this will be more of a whenever. Something like a daemon is watching the queue and wakes up when new content arrives.
>The second complication is scrolling as opposed to simply redrawing.  My JavaScript skills are weak. Figuring out how to do this in jQuery or Mootools will be a perilous journey.
>Can anyone point me to a pre-built script which will handle the requirements - 1) update/adds as new content (mysql) arrives and scrolls like Twitter?
>Thx, Bob
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