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Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at nadeemh.com
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So if the JSON data looks something like this:
{"Foo":"Bar"},{"Foo2":"Bar2"},{"Foo3":"Bar3"} in a column called

Then a query like this should work: [select ColumnA from Table where ColumnA
like '%{"Foo":%';] if you want all the records that contain the "Foo"

Or, [select ColumnA from Table where ColumnA like '%:"Bar"}%';] to match all
the records that have a "Bar" value

Or, [select ColumnA from Table where ColumnA like '%{"Foo":"Bar"}%';] to
match all records that have the specific pair value

Using the colon and curly brackets in the like condition can help you get
the data you want.

Hope this helps.

Nadeem Hosenbokus
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So you're working with a table that has parameterized data stored in a JSON
formatted field.  How do you create a mysql query that matches against only
a single element/parameter in the field without matching the other stored


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