[thelist] Reliable webhosting, not too expensive for a small startup

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at nadeemh.com
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I've been hosting with ICDSoft (http://www.icdsoft.com/). It's shared
hosting but very reliable and you can purchase extra resources as you need

The thing that's always kept with these guys is the support - their support
respond to tickets within minutes and they have always provided solutions
and on a couple of occasions gone beyond their scope as a hosting company
and delved into my code to tell me where a problem is.

Also, as a reseller, the more hosting accounts you have the cheaper the next
one is. I currently pay USD 35 a year for a new account (down from USD 72 a
year). Their reseller panel also makes it much easier to manage multiple

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Hi Folks,


So here we go again, I know we have this conversation from time to time.
There may be new companies in this space, so I wanted to ask again.  Can
anyone suggest a reliable webhost which is not insanely expensive? This site
has been getting about 1000 hits per month but they are ramping up traffic
with some radio ads in October.


It's a Drupal site, by the way, Drupal 6, which seems to be to be a little
more bogged down than the newer Drupal 7, but I am not sure about that.






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