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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Wed Sep 26 08:54:54 CDT 2012

I've succeeded in styling a FaceBook fan widget - you have to add a custom
css to it as below - I haven't tried it with any other FB widget but I guess
they work all the same - a matter of poking around in the html with firebug
to find the classes you want to change - you will have a liberal sprinkling
of !important on most of the rules!

Also you have to change the css file version no - myFB.css?1348666630 -
every time you make a change ( I just generate a timestamp with php). I
can't remember where I found out how to do this, but I guess some googling
will find it.

<fb:fan class="fb_iframe_widget" header="true"
css="http://yourdomainname/library/css/myFB.css?1348666630" stream="true"
show_faces="false" height="290" width="225" profile_id="your profile iD"
href="https://www.facebook.com/yourFBpage" fb-xfbml-state="rendered">

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> Also, the FB comments plugin runs in an iFrame, which resist styling
ASFAIK that's how it is.

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