[thelist] Google (or other) Maps / Ajax Zooming for images

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Oct 25 13:15:26 CDT 2012


I have a project in hand that involves displaying a google map or similar and positioning entities onto the map.  You have for instance a couple thousand entries in a database with some associated location information. The goal is to place these entries all on the map with some associated content (name, etc) which will become viewable, eventually clickable as you zoom in.

In order to pinpoint the locations on the map, do you need X/Y coordinates or would a simple address like "Paris, France" or "Cleveland, OH, USA" be adequate? Any recommendations on the mapping program, Google or other?

Ajax Zooming (for images):

Different need, doesn't have to be ajax but it should be something that is php-friendly. I scour the internet and find a multitude of options, Can I get a few recommendations to narrow down the list?

A complication is that the customer would like to be able to use the software to compare images side by side.  Most of what I've seen opens up in a lightbox or possibly inline, but a single zoomable image.  Is it doable and/or reasonable to be able to open up 2 images side by side both in a zooming program such that you could compare fine details?


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