[thelist] subdomains, redirects, and SEO

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Mon Feb 25 18:45:39 CST 2013

Hello all-
I'm in the early stages of developing a local guide-to-our-community  
site. One feature which this site will include is special pages for  
local stores which have no other web presence. The pages are very  
simple and owner-maintainable. They will run from one script. But, I'd  
like to assign subdomains to individual store pages and redirect the  
subdomain to the store script, so they can have addresses like  
genericstore.realmendocino.com instead of realmendocino.com/stores.php/ 
1  (Luddites swoon at addresses with slashes and file extensions)

The test page has been up for a couple of weeks. As part of the test,  
I pointed a blog post at the subdomain. Additionally,  the proto-site,  
with its directory,  is indexed. Google has listed Generic Store of  
Mendocino, but they don't list the subdomain, they list the script  
address. Bing and Yahoo! don't list Generic Store of Mendocino at all  
Is there a better way to handle this situation where I get maximum SEO  
punch and a luddite-friendly web address?

    thanks in advance

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