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Renoir B. renoirb at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 07:13:22 CST 2013

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I also forgot mentionning the Assetic project.

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I think that creating a CSS parser is a very good brain gymnastic. And for
that. Congratulations for succeeding!! :)

But CSS /is/ becoming more and more complex but still compatible from its
previous specification levels. Creating a domain specific language to style
visual is complex.

I would recommend

0.- PiSS is very bad. From a north American culture perspective.

1.- have a look at the way you load your library and see if you can make it
available through packagist and the PSR-0 php library standard.

2.- did you look at other css compilers/parsers such as YUI-Compressor,
Recess, Stylus, MoreCSS?

Hope this was helpful

Best regards

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