[thelist] PHP-ized Style Sheets

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 13:52:10 CST 2013

Barney Carroll scribeva in 2013-03-04 15:44:
> As another Englishman, I think a teacher wouldn't feel comfortable using
> any of these in front of other peoples' primary school children — that
> aside I think these are all fairly common usage with no implied anger /
> offense. It might be a class thing though.

Maybe. But at least I learned that if I want something to be widely 
used, I should be quite conservative naming it. A good lesson for a 
****ing mad Finn ;-)

> Having said this, you get all sorts on the web. If you're feeling
> sensitive, how about…
> P(HP)i(zed)St(ylesheets)?

Almost there, but as this script is so small, barely there, faint like a 
whisper, I figured "Psst" would be a fitting name. 

Now that we got this - in itself very interesting - discussion in 
linguistics and cultural sensitivity out of the way, would anyone have 
thoughts on the script itself?

The aim is to provide the developer with most of the good stuff that 
things like LESS and Sass give, but without creating a new language. And 
this should be achieved in the simplest possible way.

Do you think Psst could/should be simplified further? And do you see any 
pitfalls I've failed to see - is there any damage potential?


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