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I am using AWS



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I have a couple of dedicated servers using a combination of SSH, Webmin 
for server admin and Cpanel/WHM for front end stuff.

Webmin is effectively a visual SSH for me. If you end up with a server 
where you have root access I can recommend it as a useful back end tool. 
It's invaluable to me for things like managing root cron jobs, backup 
scripts, file management etc etc where it has improved features of the 
WHM tools, but setting up front end stuff is much easier in CPanel. I'm 
running around 120 sites on each server.


On 13/03/2013 23:36, Dan Parry wrote:
>> On 03/13/2013 09:09 AM, Dan Parry wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I'm in a position just at the minute where I have to decide on and
>> set
>>> up a webserver. This is very much not my area. Basically I need an
>>> unmanaged server with CPs but I'm really out of my depth
>>> Currently I'm looking at the Hetzner EX4 (Debian with Webmin). Does
>> anyone know how the DNS works and how difficult it is to add FTP users
>> and sites?
>> I can't speak to this...
>>> Does anyone have any recommendations on a host they think might be
>>> suitable? I need root SSH access also
>> ... but "root ssh access" means you need a virtual private server, not
>> a typical web host.
>> HTH,
>> Phil
>> --
> Thanks for the advice guys. I think it turns out I need to rethink what I need. For now a decent host with good CPs and multiple domains is the way to go until I've been able to educate myself
> Does anyone have any particular hosts they can recommend? (Dan, I intend to check your suggestion tomorrow)
> Thanks again
> Dan

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