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Renoir B. renoirb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 21:36:12 CDT 2013

I had been through this. I was once managing 60 websites, alone, as a

I always used hosting as the lost-lead part of the contract, only to save
so much in any maintenance time that can happen in the lifetime of a
relationship with the client.

In other times, we ask access to the servers so we can by ourselves manage
changes and deployments.

One other trick we did was installing a git hook (using gitolite) to deploy
on merge onto master.

But, the last was a big client, many deployment in many countries and we
were also hired as solution provider regarding the web application
deployment as for it's development.

All in all that being said.

The idea to ask the client the following from the most ideal, to the more
1. Take care of domain name management, DNS service, Hosting
2. DNS Service, Hosting and ask the client to change the domain name to our
3. Hosting, and they do the rest. But In that case, they have resources.

But even in the last case. We had to play hackers to prove our points in
some configuration discrepancies and political wars we were involved in.

Hope my experience answers your question/need for approval.


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Frontend developer &
Software designer

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