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Thanks for responding.  I prefer option 1 but I don't think all clients
will want that -- we have some control freaks.  Do you find this is the

Has anyone successfully *required* DNS control?


On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:36 PM, Renoir B. <renoirb at gmail.com> wrote:

> I had been through this. I was once managing 60 websites, alone, as a
> one-man-army-company-owner.
> I always used hosting as the lost-lead part of the contract, only to save
> so much in any maintenance time that can happen in the lifetime of a
> relationship with the client.
> In other times, we ask access to the servers so we can by ourselves manage
> changes and deployments.
> One other trick we did was installing a git hook (using gitolite) to deploy
> on merge onto master.
> But, the last was a big client, many deployment in many countries and we
> were also hired as solution provider regarding the web application
> deployment as for it's development.
> All in all that being said.
> The idea to ask the client the following from the most ideal, to the more
> complicated:
> 1. Take care of domain name management, DNS service, Hosting
> 2. DNS Service, Hosting and ask the client to change the domain name to our
> 3. Hosting, and they do the rest. But In that case, they have resources.
> obviously.
> But even in the last case. We had to play hackers to prove our points in
> some configuration discrepancies and political wars we were involved in.
> Hope my experience answers your question/need for approval.
> :-)
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