[thelist] SEO optimization

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 08:40:43 CDT 2013

> The B and B is The Hawthorne Inn, but their URL is
> http://www.concordmass.com
> Of course another inn owns hawthorneinn.com, but I keep telling them that
> hawthorneinn (hawthorneinnconcord.com, concordhawthorneinn.com)  needs to
> be
> in their URL, that concordmass.com is very confusing.
> The second one is
> http://www.mopssuperiormaids.com
> which needs more content, I know that.

They are there:
You can get this by searching:

So it is more a question of where they are showing up (if at all) for the
key words you type in.

The best thing you can do for SEO is have good content which uses the
appropriate key words and/or phrases frequently, but without stuffing them
in there unnaturally. The second best thing you can do is have good quality
links from other sites that are easily found using Google. There are lots
of great SEO resources out there, such as Google's SEO Starter Guide:
Be wary of the unscrupulous SEO sites and consultants, there are tons of
them. I highly recommend subscribing to the High Rankings newsletter if SEO
is or will become a significant part of your job:


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