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Hi Viggie,
I have a feeling bookings are down because it is an expensive inn, and times
are bad.
When I look at their google analytics for the past year, their hits are
lower in the last 5 months. But it is a seasonal business to some extent,
busier in the summer and fall (for foliage viewing and apple picking).
Thanks, I hadn't checked Trip Advisor.

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Hi Nan,
> The B and B is The Hawthorne Inn, but their URL is 
> http://www.concordmass.com Of course another inn owns 
> hawthorneinn.com, but I keep telling them that hawthorneinn 
> (hawthorneinnconcord.com, concordhawthorneinn.com)  needs to be in 
> their URL, that concordmass.com is very confusing.

How they searched for their site?  Their B&B is at Concord, so a natural
search would be something like - bed and breakfast concord. Their site is
appearing in 7th place for this search in google (couldn't find them in bing
for same search, but appears 4th for - concord b&b inn ).

More than the exact keywords used for search. What do they expect out of
search rankings?  Do they get bookings / calls through their site?  They
have good rankings in TripAdvisor so it may not be too hard.

Just my 2 cents,

Web Developer/Consultant


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