[thelist] exif information photo jpg

Scott paladin at fuse.net
Sun May 5 14:35:37 CDT 2013

Bob Meetin wrote:
> Anyone on the list familiar with how to modify/update the exif
> information embeded in a photograph (in Linux preferred)?
> ImageMagick's convert can be used to strip it out (-strip) but to
> modify a line or to add data such as Longitude/Latitude, Description,
> etc?    
> It looks like you can accomplish this through Flickr service,
> Panoramio and Picasa, so they must be using something like IM to make
> this happen.  I'm looking at adding some geotagging in a format that
> can be read by google Places when you add images through the business
> profile or perhaps upload pics as a G+ user when viewing a business
> profile.     
> -Bob

Is Picasa available for Linux? The procedure shown here
https://support.google.com/picasa/answer/161869?hl=en appears to be pretty
straightforward. You can also add lat/long/altitude in Adobe Bridge. In
fact, googling "geotag editor Linux" returns a plethora of methods,
including some appropriate for smartphones.


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