[thelist] exif information photo jpg

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue May 14 10:35:22 CDT 2013

It took a little digging to figure out what gives with google and exif information. I first sorted the necessary command options with exiftool to get the key phrases, title etc in place. Then I uploaded some of these images via picaso aka google plus. The geotagging was perfect, but caption didn't return the exiftool caption.  Via help through google groups I learned that google's caption was taken from xmp:description, not caption.  A reference chart would have been nice, but hey I have some hair left.

Final command options something like:

exiftool \
   -artist="$artist" \
   -title="$title" \
   -caption="$caption" \
   -author="$author"  \
   -copyright="$copyright" \
   -subject="$_subject" \
   -keywords="$keywords" \
   -xmp:gpslongitude="$longitude" \
   -xmp:gpslatitude="$latitude" \
   -xmp:description="$caption" \

Also it appears that -subject and -keywords gets mixed together so I dropped -subject. Or maybe I am misinterpreting the result. It now works.  A side benefit is that I now have a little shell script that utilizes both ImageMagick's convert and exiftool to both optimize images and make them smarter.


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