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Free as in free speech? Have you heard of the Open-source movement? :)

There are tons of open-source (and free to use, including the source code)

In PHP the most prominent is WordPress, Drupal is used at Readers Digest

I have to say that I am proponent of the Symfony2 PHP Framework, and the
upcoming Drupal (8) version is using Symfony2 components and not to forget
that compared to Zend2, Aura and Laravel, Symfony2 is already more than 2
years old and is it's current LTS (Long Term Support) release.

If you come from the .NET, you will love PHP 5.3++ coding practices with
frameworks such as Symfony2, Zend2, Aura <http://auraphp.com/>, and
Laravel<http://bundles.laravel.com/> they
all use the PSR-X <http://www.php-fig.org/> standard automating how to call
class files and automatically loading them, and the dependency management
is made through Composer <http://getcomposer.org/> using

I say all that. Because older versions of frameworks and libraries such as
WordPress, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, symfony1, Drupal, Kohana, Solar are all
hard to work together if needs be.

If you want to learn PHP, an other stop could be to see at

Hope I gave you useful hints to guide you through the maze of PHP.

*Renoir Boulanger*
Frontend & software developer

*renoir*boulanger.com/#is <https://renoirboulanger.com/#is> <-- vient
d'être refait!

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> Hello,
> Any good suggestions for a free CMS product.  I work with .net
> This is for a non-profit organization.
> JS
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