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Renoir B. renoirb at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 22:00:39 CDT 2013

Sorry for that, I totally did not answer about the fact of using .NET.

I personally believe that a server should not have GUI... but this is my
own opinion.

So here is .NET findings I got in touch with:

DotNetNuke is a fork of PHPNuke... one of the first CMS that we had.

Of course, doesn't mean it is the same code. But it gives how old it is and
that there is probably newer ones.

I'm not expert in .NET, but in the open source using .NET
Umbraco<http://umbraco.com/>would be my pick, the Microsoft community
equivalent to
GitHub/slashdot/freshmeat/bitbucket is definitely CodePlex.

Here are some open source CMS on

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