[thelist] Can Spam Act of 2003

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Fri Jul 19 15:31:44 CDT 2013

The Can Spam Act just gives them the Govt authority to prosecute, but 
they still have to catch 'em. That's hard to do since they can use 
millions of compromised machines and the owners have no idea their 
sending out spam. The email system itself would have to be overhauled to 
provide better mechanisms to keep it out and that would be complicated 
and expensive. Email postage would work but there's no central authority 
to implement it. We're probably stuck with spam.


On 07/19/2013 03:40 PM, Bob Meetin wrote:
> For years I've been operating under the belief that spam is 
> unsolicited (commercial) email and I thought the Can Spam Act of 2003 
> interpreted it this way.
> In my mind, all that proposal crap that you didn't sign up for that 
> finds its way into your inbox is, was or should be in violation of the 
> Can Spam Act.
> I got a little curious earlier today and as I read deeper I see that 
> it doesn't state that they may not infiltrate your inbox, only that 
> they must comply with various, hard to enforce, rules which include 
> providing an easy opt-out mechanism.
> Feedback? Interpretation?
> -Bob

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