[thelist] Wierd Oracle Table Access Issue

Renoir B. renoirb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 18:20:53 CDT 2013

Hello Ron,

We do not see Oracle database issues  frequently around here.

Funnily enough, I had also some similar issue at work this week with an
Oracle server.

In my case it was some specific right management (PL/SQL synonym) that has
to be configured using cut-n-paste between the environments.

This issue made me cringe.  In my case, I am new with the client and they
are not used with scripting and automation. I am going to give you some
hints of what I had experience with.

So, I wonder, for your situation. I am wondering how do you manage your
migration between your environments?

Do you simply cut-n-paste stuff, hoping it works and forgetting?

I would recommend you to have a source-controlled migration system and make
it automated or scripted as much as possible.

The ideal is to be able to export a dump from prod and run your migration
without failures at ANY time with all your changes made to the database.

An other thing that is useful is to have fake data during development
something some calls 'fixtures'. That way you can support the new features
along the live ones from the production database.

This is quite complex and hard to do without tooling, and that is why I
recommend to automate and source control.

Ones I heard about, but never used.

*Phinx (*http://phinx.org/) is a tool to handle database migration using
PHP classes.
*Liquibase* (http://www.liquibase.org/)  is also a known one
Doctrine2 (

The ones I used and enjoyed

Doctrine but at the time it was version 1, in 2009. Much enjoyable.

DBV (http://dbv.vizuina.com/) prior I heard about Liquibase, but I did not
change just for the sake of it. The configuration is sometimes clumsy and
you create SQL statements directly where I prefer to use PHP classes to
handle those things. But, nevertheless, it was helpful.

I hope it helped.

*Renoir Boulanger*
Frontend & software developer

*renoir*boulanger.com/#is <https://renoirboulanger.com/#is> <-- vient
d'être refait!

On 26 July 2013 17:30, Luther, Ron <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> I'm running into an odd issue here and I'm really hoping there is still
> someone around who can help.
> I have read access to an Oracle database.  I have been using an Oracle
> software package, (Hyperion), to play with the data for over a year now.
> We recently added a handful of new tables to that database.
> Here is what I am running into:
>         . I can read the new tables from the Production instance of the
> database using Toad - (a software package owned by Dell).
>         . I can read the new tables from the Integration instance of the
> database using Hyperion.
>         . However . I cannot read the new tables from the Production
> instance using Hyperion.   ;-(
> I'm at a loss.  Any idea what could possibly be causing a situation like
> that?  Did the DBAs do something odd when they created the tables?  Am I
> 'locked' in Oracle metabase hell?
> Confuseredly,
> RonL.
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