[thelist] printer recommendations

Meshack meshack at hrts.org
Tue Aug 20 11:51:28 CDT 2013

I might suggest looking into a laser printer. The inkjet printer business
model is like the razor blade model... they sell you the printer cheap
because they will make more money from you when you buy replacement ink
cartridges. I read somewhere that ink is more expensive than vintage
champagne or imported Russian caviar.

In the short run you may save by getting a printer for under $100, but in
the long run you are paying. A laser jet will cost more in the short run,
but those things are workhorses, and their prices have come down so that
color lasers are in the realm of affordability. That's my $.02


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Who here has a good inexpensive printer they can recommend?
Prefer 3-n-1 (doesn't have to be) about $100.
Just bought HP Officejet 4622. Paper tray doesn't align correctly, chews up
paper, doesn't print. It's going back. Next printer has to come well

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