[thelist] printer recommendations

Scott paladin at fuse.net
Wed Aug 21 16:32:24 CDT 2013

Bob Meetin wrote:
> On 08/20/2013 11:49 AM, Simon MacDonald wrote:
>> I've had a  Canon Mx700 for 4-5 years now. Print, Copy, Fax - all
>> good. Not sure if it is still made but there will be similar. Do NOT
>> touch Epson - you can empty an ink canister on head clean.
>> cheers
>> Simon
> When you call for warranty service they give you the lecture about
> using certified OEM ink.  That's rhetoric to pay for the execs and
> outsourced support team. My first Epson printer (220?) was a dinosaur
> but a superb working dinosaur that had a symbiotic relationship with
> Linux.  The house got struck by electricity taking out the printer

Yeah, I've got that Epson Stylus Photo R220 now, and it just keeps plugging
away. I have the SK-168-II chip resetter to defeat Epson's attempts to force
me to buy more ink when there's plenty left in the cartridge. And I use
3rd-party replacement cartridges (two complete sets of six, plus two extra
black, all for $50), which work a treat, so my ink costs are minimal.
Six-color ink gives very good photo output, if you're interested in that

One thing Epson really excels at is their printer software, and the R220's
is both powerful and flexible, offering tons of options (think ClickBook
features--manual duplex, multi-up per sheet, etc.), borderless photos, etc.
It even has a tray for printing printable CDs, although I have a LightScribe
CD/DVD burner and don't use it. It's also good at printing 3 x 5 and 4 x 6
recipe cards, and those odd-sized envelopes for greeting cards.

Anyway, the R220 is a great little printer, and if you can find one in the
aftermarket (eBay, Craig's List, etc.) it's worth looking into.


> and 4490 Scanner and various network cards.  Sad to see it go, I
> bought a second Epson MFC which got ditched for paper jam within a
> year, no paper found. Lots of unused ink I couldn't sell on
> craigslist.  So here I am preparing a burial ceremony on my final
> printer with ink and the memory of Epson.  It seems to be trending.  
> Oops...          

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