[thelist] Dating or Social Networking Software?

Jenni Bearden Jenni at TheWebLotus.com
Sat Aug 24 21:17:32 CDT 2013

HI all,


I am trying to begin a project and am running into a bind.  I know that
there are plenty of softwares out there for dating sites and for social
networking sites.  The site I am designing will have a unique concept and
will have aspects of both of those, with some additional aspects that would
need to be customized.


The trouble I'm running up against is that most of the software that I'm
seeing out there is stand-alone.  In other words, the software *is* the


I want something that installs *within* a website, with a series of include


A good example of the difference I'm referring to is the shopping cart
software that I use - www.ecommercetemplates.com .  This installs within a
website that I create, independent of the software.


Does anyone know of where I can find something like this that is designed
for either dating sites or social networking sites, that doesn't have themes
or standalone, but installs within a site?  






PS - please cc me as I'm on digest.

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