[thelist] Grabbing an image from search

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sat Sep 14 11:49:19 CDT 2013


For a website, I'm looking to display an image, on the fly, from the web.

I was rather hoping there'd be an API for Google image search, but that 
seems to have been deprecated.

Where would you turn?

So, for example, someone comes to my website, types in apples, and they 
go a page that's constructed on the fly using that keyphrase, and it 
shows a picture of an apple which, I was hoping, would come from Google 
image search. It's a small-time commercial use, thing, not worth doing 
if it costs anything.

(Just so you know, the app isn't spam, I'm not trying to rip off 
anyone's images, I'm just looking to see if there's something I can use. 
Could be Flickr mebbe.)

Any thoughts?


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