[thelist] grabbing an image from search

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat Sep 14 19:32:56 CDT 2013

On 09/15/2013 06:44 AM, John Allsopp wrote:
> On 14/09/13 22:55, Steven Streight wrote:
>> Why are you attempting to provide this? A person types "apple" into
>> your website, and a random image of an apple, a different one each
>> time, appears?
>> What could be the possible point? It gives one image. But the person
>> could go to Google Search and look for "apple" image and get a lot to
>> choose from, which the person can then pick.
>> Who's to say that one random apple image will be any good? Will be
>> appropriate for the searcher's intent?
> That's just an example of what I want to do technically, it doesn't actually describe my application. For my application, the randomness is a bit of a plus.
> J
In addition to some unexpected appropriateness, you'll also get varying quality and dimensions. I don't know that you'll ever encounter legal issues, but this exists as well.  Why not create a library of tagged images for demonstration purposes? ImageMagick can be used to dynamically resize uploaded images and do some other amazing manipulation.

Bob Meetin

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