[thelist] sever side automatic (RTF, or XML form MsWord DOC or DOCX, or PS) to (PDF or EPS)

Alberto Domingo alberto.domingo at uah.es
Thu Sep 19 06:06:03 CDT 2013


I need to generate a pdf or eps file from a xml version of doc or 
docx, or a rtf file (ps may also be OK). I need a true conversion 
that maintains all the formatting, font, tables, borders, and some 
line drawings and jpg logos. Just a small part of the text must be 
customizable in each case, and that is why I need to start form a 
plain text editable template (xml, rtf or ps).

I have found this http://goo.gl/YvYE8P, that does more or less 
exactly what I need, but it is based on libreoffice. I am currently 
trying to make it work in my server (or xampp to test it first) but 
there are some obscure errors. Nevertheless, I have some doubts about 
the capacity of libreoffice to handle my word files.

Any advise?

Thank you all in advace!


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