[thelist] sever side automatic (RTF, or XML form MsWord DOC or DOCX, or PS) to (PDF or EPS)

Alberto Domingo alberto.domingo at uah.es
Thu Sep 19 17:39:39 CDT 2013

Thanks Mohan,

I have seen livedocx. Apparently it does exactly what I need. I am 
currently trying to install the connecting code in my server. It 
seems to be relatively simple.

The hosted service is free. I don't know if it is fast enough for my 
needs. The commercial version is quite expensive.

In principle, I prefer a solution without dependencies from external 
services, but it will be ok if it works.

Some results:

cloudconvert.org  -  Shifts the text from the original position in 
doc file. Form docx is even worst. Same bad result from rtf.

freepdfconvert.com  -  Good results form doc. 30 min delay before 
next conversion in free version. Apparently not scriptable from server

aspose.com apis  -  couldn't try with my docs

convertonlinefree.com  - Very good results form doc, docx and rtf. 
Not scriptable from server, apparently.

go4convert.com  -  Same as previous.

Thanks again!


At 22:34 19/09/2013, you wrote:
>Hi Alberto,
>Why not start with a Word template instead of having to start
>from 'plain text editable template'?
>You will be able to maintain formatting, font, line drawings, etc.
>Can you invoke a third-party web service for the Word template-merging task?
>I googled 'docx to pdf web service' and the first
>few results look quite promising - if they are scriptable server-side
>(example: livedocx)
>Thx, Mohan
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