[thelist] Trouble with PHP Include

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 07:31:01 CST 2014

> Thank you Lee and Anthony for your help.  I think you are on to it, Lee.  I
> think it is a flaw in my logic somewhere.  You see I have these scripts
> running on a hosted server.  I am adding some features which I am testing
> on
> my XAMPP server.  The script runs perfectly on the hosted server, but for
> some reason I have to add the following assignments to the XAMPP version.
> $clubdraws = $_SESSION['clubdraws'];
> $clubresults = $_SESSION['clubresults'];
> $clublogin = $_SESSION['clublogin'];
> Obviously this assignment must be happening somewhere on the hosted script,
> otherwise it wouldn't work.  But it is not in the current script so it must
> be in an included script, but I can't find it.  I will have to do some
> detective work.  With your help I have managed to narrow the issue down to
> something I have done rather than something not working correctly.  Thanks
> again.

It sounds like your host may have an older version of PHP with
register_globals turned on.
That would cause your session variables to be global so that you would be
able to access them without using $_SESSION['var'].

If you determine that this is the case, I recommend turning
register_globals off... but you have to be careful doing so, as you can
see, your code up to now may be depending on having it turned on.


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