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Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
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Hey thanks for the help.  However, I have found that I am barking up the
wrong tree.  I inserted a test script and found that it worked.  So then I
disabled everything in my script that accesses the database and essentially
just left the mail() part.  This also worked.  So there must be something in
the data that I select that is stopping the email going out.  Perhaps a
control character or similar.  Is this possible.  Is there a way that I
should be sanitising the data that comes from the mysql.



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Hourly limits are commonly 100 - 500 messages per hour if imposed. Ask your
hosting provider to check their fine print. if you have access check for php
logged errors in a file called error_log, typically in webhome but maybe in
the folder where your scripts live.  Maybe also check in
/home/$account/mail/new for email logged messages. Make up a simple mail
test in PHP, also try UNIX mail command if you have shell access.

mail your_email at your_domain -s "test" < some_test_file

On 05/30/2014 05:27 AM, patrick wrote:
> On 5/30/2014 7:19 am, Paul Waring wrote:
>> It's highly unlikely that the limit will show in phpinfo(), since 
>> there's no built-in functionality for limiting mail in PHP that I'm 
>> aware of (except disabling the mail() function altogether). If there 
>> is a limit, it will probably be set somewhere in the mail server 
>> software configuration.
>> Paul
> There can also be a limit set in cPanel (or equivalent control panel) 
> that will throttle mail for the account if you hit a certain failure 
> percentage

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