[thelist] Tool/Script for Online Surveys with Media?

S.M.German smgerman at comcast.net
Tue Jul 29 23:24:29 CDT 2014

> Google Drive forms allow you to include videos. It seems to be limited
> to YouTube videos.
> (Please, forgive the autocomplete function in Spanish :-)
> El 21/07/2014 3:47, S.M.German escribió:
> > Hello,
> >
> >   I'm wondering if there is a preferred or recommended tool for an online
> survey with audio.  (The type of survey where the person listens to an audio
> clip, answers a question, etc.)
> >


Strangely, despite not speaking Spanish, I understood your first reply.  I guess Google and YouTube are universal in any language :)

The audio I'll use in the survey are 30-second clips of songs to which I do not own the copyright.  Uploading to YouTube might be an issue.

> Take a look at Jotform, it is a form builder with lots of powerful features,
> including SoundCloud and YouTube.
> Since JotForm allows for form embedding, you could easily grab the
> generated embed code and drop in whatever audio file you needed via
> Definitely worth a look.


This might just fit the bill.  Looks like there free-level forms allow HTML editing, which includes embedding audio.

Thank you both!


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