[thelist] curious failure of responsive menu on iPad

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at nadeemh.com
Tue Oct 28 13:02:58 CDT 2014


I couldn't replicate the problem - admittedly I'm using an emulator as
opposed to a proper device.

However, looking through the Javascript, I think that you're going to suffer
performance hits especially as you add more menu items and levels.

I don't have an answer to your question, but have you tried changing
settings like "sticky"?

Also have you tried changing the width values in the Javascript on line 52?
Change the value to 767 and see if that has an effect. If it does, then you
might want to consider changing the meta viewport tag to disallow user

I hope that something helps.

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I downloaded a responsive menu:

It looks good enough off the shelf but when trying to get it to work I see
some flaky behavior on my iPad gen 1. It works flawlessly on my ASUS mobile

Off the shelf you get a css file, jquery and simple demo with the menu but
no other text.  After some serious head-scratching when attempting to use it
I found that as I add simple text, as soon as there is enough to fill the
viewport (portrait mode) the menu goes flaky.

The bug - You click on the MENU icon to expand the menu and it opens fine,
usually, the first time. You close it, then attempt to open again -
sometimes it expands fine, sometimes it flashes and fails. The pattern is

Here are links to 3 samples:

www.dottedi.us/test/test1.html - minimal content, always works
www.dottedi.us/test/test2.html - medium content
www.dottedi.us/test/test3.html - much more than the viewport

Is this a bug with the menu, ipad gen 1, css, jquery? SuggestionS?

Thx, Bob

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